Hello there, and welcome to yet another about me page. Except this one is extra special because it’s about ME. I can see you’re interested to know more, so let’s cut to the chase.

I’m Eleni. Never seen my name before? This is how you say it 😉

Who is Eleni?


The Basics

  • Master of Communications (Digital Media) student at Deakin University
  • Bachelor of Science (Medical Microbiology and Immunology) graduate, University of New South Wales
  • Blogger + aspiring science and health communications officer/advisor

The Fun stuff

  • Makeup artist (bet you didn’t see that one coming)
  • Volunteer in several citizen science projects
  • Tea drinker
  • Star Trek enthusiast (not TOS)

I’m a 20-something year old Sydney-sider who is discovering how creativity and imagination are fundamentals in the scientific process. Oh, you didn’t know? Neither did I until a few years ago. In fact, this is what has helped pave the way towards my studies in communications. Writing laboratory experiment reports has been swapped for writing stories that tickle your brain cells. My aim is to communicate all things science and health, all the time.

Now we have the introductions out of the way, welcome to my blog. This site originally started out of necessity to complete university coursework, but now it’s something more. It’s a space for sharing and hopefully where my evolution can be documented. This is an experiment. I am combining my “old life” with my new life.

Image: Frontier Psychiatrist (music video, The Avalanches via tumblr

Stay with me.

As I’ve said in a previous post, I’m switching careers. Going from a laboratory scientist to a communications professional.

Image: Frontier Psychiatrist (music video), The Avalanches via tumblr

That remains to be seen.

Transferring from two very different industries is flat-out scary. I haven’t found many stories of individuals with a science background (that don’t have a PhD!) making the move to communications, and wanted to continue this blog in the hopes there are others out there making a change similar to mine.

This is an incredible time right now in science communication, thanks to digital communication. Never before have people been able to sate their curiosity, so easily! I aim to join a movement that promotes quality education and information, whilst nurturing creativity and discovery in all things STEM. I don’t want to make scientists of you all. You already are scientists. I have a strong belief that we learn the best when we are motivated to seek information. I want to add the fuel to your fire.

Pasteur’s Soapbox is my digital portfolio of sorts. Containing creative writings, journal club, podcasts, videos, photography and occasionally some personal reflection about my studies as I lead up to my Master’s thesis.

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