My name is Eleni, welcome to my blog!

What you’ll find here is a collection of commentary on my journey in science communication. This is a new career path but one that I believe best represents my capabilities and personality. I thoroughly enjoy science discussions, and the best part is when the ‘a-ha’ moment is achieved in conversation (either myself or my conversational partner).



My move to the field of communications moves me outside of the laboratory and lab gown to the online world! The dress code is a little easier, and the only contamination I need to worry about now is potential viruses that may end up in my computer.


Current education:

  • Masters of Communication (Digital Media) – Deakin University

Previous education:

  • Bachelor of Science (Medical Microbiology & Immunology) – University of New South Wales
  • Diploma of Laboratory Technology (Pathology) – TAFE Sydney Institute
  • Open Foundation (Diploma) – University of Newcastle